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Affordable TEFL/TESOL Courses

Want to teach online from anywhere in the world? Want to travel, explore, and teach students in countries abroad? We offer the best accredited TEFL/TESOL courses online to fulfil your teaching dreams without breaking the bank!

Advanced TEFL/TESOL Courses
with Written Assessments

Our Advanced TEFL/TESOL Courses include written assessments over and above multiple-choice questions for you to test your skills practically and receive comprehensive tutor feedback on your submissions. These courses give you peace of mind knowing that you are: capable of planning lessons, implementing TEFL/TESOL skills, and applying your knowledge of the course material.


Why Choose Dux?

Accredited Courses Internationally Recognised Certifications Affordable Prices
6 Months FREE Access 100% Online Centralised Content for Fewer Distractions
Free Teaching Resources Priority Access to Online and In-Person Teaching Positions with Dux Partners
Recruitment Support for International In-Person Teaching Jobs

Where Knowledge Meets Confidence

Dux accredited courses will empower you with:

  • The comprehensive knowledge of English teaching theory with practical teaching tips and helpful resources, and ...
  • The sure confidence in your ability to apply that knowledge to lead any classroom - online or abroad - with success!

Whether you are an enthusiastic novice who is new to teaching, or an experienced educator wanting to expand your opportunities - Dux TEFL courses are designed to deliver valuable teaching information that instils you with the knowledge and confidence to excel as a TEFL/TESOL teacher.

By Teachers, For Teachers

Dux was built by teachers with over 20 years of hands-on experience teaching around the world. We uphold our values of quality service and support, by providing the most comprehensive and holistic course offerings on the market.

That’s why our courses:

  • Are internationally recognised and accredited.
  • Suit any budget, from affordable automated courses to comprehensive courses with written assessments.
  • Are 100% online and accessible on most mobile devices.
  • Have centralised learning material, everything is in one place leaving you with fewer distractions.
  • Comes with 6 months FREE access with the option of lifetime access - suiting any schedule!

What Our Students Say

  • Marissa

    Everything you need

    5 stars "I highly recommend the 120hr Dux TEFL/TESOL course. It's short, comprehensive, elaborate but not to an extent that seems redundant. It takes a practical approach and it includes various tips for new teachers. As a new teacher, Dux has equipped me with valuable knowledge on not only how to plan successful lessons but how to keep my students and their language goals in mind, while tending to their need and ability to feel accomplished while reaching them!"
    Dux Student
  • Belinda West

    Superlative Service

    5 stars "The TEFL course was truly one of the best decisions of my life! Outstanding and superlative service, course material and assistance. I can highly recommend this for anyone who want a very informative, fun & exciting way to get TEFL certified."
    Belinda West
    Dux Student
  • Lesley Hannaway

    Blood, Sweat and Tears

    5 stars "I started this course with the misconception it would be really simple. I was wrong! I struggled through a few chapters, loved every minute of other chapters and learned so much overall. I would totally recommend TEFL to anyone wanting to teach English abroad or online. Thank You 🤗"
    Lesley Hannaway
    Dux Student
  • Arokia Mary

    I just completed my 120 hrs DUX TEFL…

    5 stars "I just completed my 120 hrs DUX TEFL course and I am super excited! It gives confidence in teaching- listening, reading, writing and speaking; lesson planning. The end of unit tests are fun. It´s clear and easy to use. It is flexible. I would highly recommend it."
    Arokia Mary
    Dux Student
  • K. Rogers

    The Dux TEFL/TESOL course was very informative and easy to grasp. Great for new teachers!

    5 stars "The Dux TEFL/TESOL course was very comprehensible and the information was well spaced out. As someone who is at the beginning of her teaching journey, I went in knowing absolutely nothing and wondered if I would be able to understand and fully grasp all the information. Luckily they managed to explain all of the jargon well and they provided me with lots of tools that I can use to formulate my own teaching style and lesson plan. I am grateful for the new confidence I now have in being able to do well as a teacher and I no longer feel like a fish out of water. Thank you DUX!"
    K. Rogers
    Dux Student
  • Albert van Leeuwen

    User friendly experience

    5 stars "I found the DUX platform to be intuitive and user friendly. The lesson content was written well, applicable to the course objectives and easy to digest. My only critique would be that I sometimes disagreed with the way some of the multiple choice questions were phrased or structured. But I guess the academic in me always likes to debate things. I have not applied for teaching positions with my new qualification yet so I don't know whether employers recognise DUX. Overall it was a quick, easy and painless experience."
  • Hannah

    120 hour TEFL

    5 stars "I have just completed my 120 hour TEFL/TESOL course and it was super easy to do. The modules are really informative and it's great for refreshing your memory on English vocabulary. I am looking forward to being able to use the certificate to teach abroad."
    Dux Student
  • Vlado Ampov

    The best ever

    5 stars "The best ever. I recommend this online course to anyone who wants to proceed with his career in teaching."
    Vlado Ampov
    Dux Student

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