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About us

Dux takes you from TEFL student to recruitment candidate to English Education Expert.

That’s the Dux Difference!


Dux Incorporated is a full-service solution for educators - offering upskilling opportunities and recruitment support to teachers around the world through our divisions: Dux TEFL and Dux Recruitment.

Dux Recruitment is a teacher recruitment company founded by educators with over 20 years of experience in teaching English abroad. The insights gained from these personal teaching experiences has empowered us to develop a recruitment service nothing short of excellent, crafted by teachers for teachers. Dux Recruitment places highly qualified and reliable educators with our private families and trusted partner schools throughout the globe, offering superior teacher support second to none.

We understand the necessity of maintaining professional education standards and decided that the best way to uphold our high standards was to develop a range of TEFL/TESOL courses of our own to offer to new recruits and experienced educators. We developed these Dux TEFL Courses using our 20 years of experience and expertise, ensuring to include everything we need our recruits to know to flourish in any type of teaching position.

Throughout all of Dux Inc’s offerings, we continue to uphold our values of quality service and support by providing the most comprehensive and holistic offering on the market: supporting you in your journey from TEFL student to English Education Expert - and everything in between!

Here are just some of the ways that Dux supports you:

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As a Dux TEFL Student

  • We offer an internationally recognised & accredited TEFL/TESOL Course.
  • Our course content is comprehensive with practical knowledge and skills development you will need on the job.
  • We offer a standard of 6 months FREE course access, which allows for a flexible study schedule for all students.
  • A multiple-choice question approach used in our automated courses allows for quick course completion without sacrificing the quality of education.
  • Advanced courses allow you to test your knowledge and level up with comprehensive tutor feedback.
  • We are conscious of your budget by offering affordable course prices.

As a Dux Recruitment Candidate

  • We offer complimentary recruitment services where we find you job opportunities around the world.
  • We assist you with crafting professional CVs and preparing for job interviews.
  • From desired destinations to employer type (school, learning centre or private family) - we tailor job opportunities based on your preferences.
  • We regulate school and family partners to ensure your potential employers are reliable and trusted.
  • We ensure you receive the most competitive educator salaries on the market.
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As an Education Expert

  • We offer upskilling opportunities through additional free courses in education and childcare - helping you boost your confidence and expertise!
  • Need teaching resources like lesson plans or classroom activities? We have got you covered!
  • Unlike other recruitment companies who leave you alone once you accept a job offer, we provide ongoing 24/7 support throughout your contract.
  • We keep you updated on the latest news and developments in the TEFL/TESOL industry.

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By Teachers, For Teachers

As mentioned before, Dux Recruitment and Dux TEFL were started by people who have taught abroad and have a first-hand experience in the foreign teacher market. After reflecting on our experiences, we realised that the harsh lessons we learnt and the poor service that we received were commonplace in the industry. From unaccredited courses to exorbitantly expensive certificates, misleading job descriptions to greedy recruitment services, feeling unsupported by schools to feeling lost in a new country - we wanted to put an end to that.

This is why we created a full-service solution for aspiring teachers wanting to travel the world and make a difference (and some money) while doing so. Thus, we offer our own accredited TEFL/TESOL courses AND reliable recruitment services WITH ongoing support. Comprehensive service by teachers, for teachers.