Chapters 3 - 4 - DUX TEFL
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Chapters 3 – 4

These chapters focus on speaking (productive skill) and reading/listening (receptive skills) and the steps to take when creating a lesson for the different types of language skills. Not only do we dive into the theory and structures for actual lesson plans, but we will also explore various other areas of teaching which are often omitted – such as creating a safe classroom environment for your students.

Hours breakdown:

  • Chapter 3: Teaching Speaking: Productive Skill: 15 hours
  • Chapter 4: Teaching Reading and Listening: Receptive Skills: 15 hours

The objectives here are to:

  • Establish why the speaking skill is the most important language skill for learners.
  • Introduce steps in order to teach speaking as effectively as possible while dealing with the challenges of focussing on (what is considered) the most difficult language skill – speaking.
  • Establish what receptive skills are and how to focus on them. Also, to explore the challenges when teaching receptive skills.
  • Introduce an easy-to-use format of teaching a selection of text to a class.
  • Introduce the phonemic chart and differentiate between pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and phonological awareness which is crucial for efficient development of the various language skills.