Chapters 5 - 7 - DUX TEFL
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Chapters 5 – 7

These chapters explore how you as an English teacher can work smarter and not harder by focussing on the well-being of your students as opposed to simply teaching them a language. A very proactive approach if you will! Prevention is better than cure when it comes to lesson disruptions and these chapters discuss a number of proactive approaches to your lesson planning and life as an English teacher in general.  

We will also be dwelling on material that many new teachers are not familiar with as it concerns the underlying rules and strategies used in the English language.

Hours breakdown:

  • Chapter 5: Teaching Different Age Groups: 25 hours
  • Chapter 6: Classroom Management: 20 hours
  • Chapter 7: The Path to Success as an English Teacher: 10 hours

The objectives here are to:

  • Give a comprehensive breakdown of three main age groups – Kindergarten, Primary, High School – and explore various tips, challenges, and activities of each. 
  • Provide effective strategies for dealing with classroom behavioural issues from both proactive and reactive stances.
  • Give you first-hand and insider knowledge on how to get ahead in the workplace and hit the ground running once at your school.
  • Explore certain teaching formalities such as lexis, grammar, projects, learning strategies, and assessment.
  • Establish the importance of workplace awareness, cultural appropriacy, and motivation within one’s classroom.