Chapters 8 - 11 - DUX TEFL
Fundamental TEFL/TESOL Section
Specialised Teaching English Online Section

Chapters 8 – 11

These chapters will ensure that you are prepared for the most important aspects of online English teaching in order to give you an edge over applicants that are less prepared.

Hours breakdown:

  • Chapter 8: Introduction to Online Teaching: 15 hours
  • Chapter 9: What to Expect as an Online English Teacher: 15 hours
  • Chapter 10: The Fundamentals of Online Teaching: 15 hours
  • Chapter 11: Tying Everything Together in Online Lessons: 15 hours

The objectives here are to:

  • Provide those who are looking for online teaching positions with the essential and the most valuable pointers and practical tips to become an effective online English teacher. 
  • Act as a support system when first entering the industry (before one even lands an interview).