Want essential guidance and valuable support to become an online teacher? Lead your digital classroom with ease and confidence with this accredited and

Specialised 60-Hour
Online Teaching Course

This internationally accredited Dux Online Teaching Course is your support system for entering the online teaching industry, preparing you with all that you need to land an interview and excel as an online English teacher! This specialised course will empower you with valuable pointers, practical knowledge and helpful resources - the top-up course for top-class online English teachers!

6-Month Access

Specialised 60-Hour
Online Teaching Course

+ Digital Certificate

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Specialised 60-Hour
Online Teaching Course

+ Digital Certificate

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What’s Included in this Specialised Course?

Internationally accredited course
Can be completed in 1 week
100% online
Accessible on any mobile device
Fully automated with multiple-choice questions
No projects or essays required
Classroom & teaching resources
Student support with subject matter experts via email
Free digital certificate upon completion
Centralised learning materials for fewer distractions
6 months FREE access to complete this course from the enrolment date

Optional Addition:

Professionally Printed Certificate

Are you proud of your continued education and want to frame your achievement? You should be!

Your professionally printed certificate includes all of your course information, a unique certificate number, an official signature from the Dux Academic Director, and an embossed seal. This price also includes international shipping, so you can receive your Dux TEFL certificate anywhere around the world!

Please note that certificates are sent by post and a postal address is required. Certificates are not sent by courier to a residential address. Kindly enter your postal address when ordering.

Only $40 USD

Course Breakdown

The Dux 60-Hour Online Teaching Course prepares you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the fast-growing industry of teaching English online, guiding you to become a successful and impactful online English teacher.

This online teaching course is designed for future teachers looking to prepare for the online teaching industry, regardless of which company or school they apply for. Most online companies or schools operate similarly, however, they have numerous differences in the way that they handle hiring, scheduling, class coordination, online lesson platforms, staff queries, etc. The internationally accredited Dux Online Teaching Course will provide you with a good understanding of the fundamentals of online English teaching - allowing you to effectively adapt to whichever format of teaching your future employer requires.

All course participants will receive guidance when first learning about formal teaching foundations, industry standards, how to coordinate the job application process (including pointers for interviews and demos), as well as all the ins and outs of effective teaching practices. New online teachers can rest assured that they will have the necessary tools to lead digital classrooms with confidence!

Here is a brief overview of what we cover in this 60-Hour Online Teaching Course.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Teaching Online
  • Chapter 2: What to Expect as an Online Teacher
  • Chapter 3: The Fundamentals of Online Teaching
  • Chapter 4: Tying Everything Together
    **Please note that there are 2 multiple-choice chapter assessments within the course - after chapters 2 and 4!
  • Free downloadable resources

Your Learning Journey

1. Enrol in your 60-Hour Online Teaching Course

Add the Dux Specialised 60-Hour Online Teaching Course to your cart, and if you’d like any optional additions like lifetime access of the printed certificate, then be sure to include those before checking out. You will then complete the quick and easy billing form, followed by selecting your payment method. Once your transaction is complete and the payment has cleared, you will receive a log-in email from Dux giving you instant access to your new Specialised course!

2. Study online on any device

Study your Dux Specialised 60-Hour Online Teaching Course anywhere, at any time! Dux courses are 100% online and can be completed on devices including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This course can be completed in under 1 week, however, you have 6 month’s free access from the date of enrolment to complete your course.

3. Pass the chapter assessments

There are two assessments in this Dux 60-hour Online Teaching Course, both testing your grasp of the knowledge taught in the previous chapters. There are no essay or project submissions required for the completion of this accredited course!

4. Receive your Specialised Dux certificate

As soon as you finish your course and have passed the chapter assessments successfully, you have immediate access to a digital copy of your accredited Specialised 60-Hour Online Teaching certificate. The details on your certificate include:

  • Your name
  • The date of issue
  • The certificate’s unique identification number
  • The accrediting body’s stamp
  • The signature of the academic director
  • The Dux logo and seal

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